This section includes an up-to-date logos and images you can use for your marketing needs.

Make sure you read through brand guidelines before incorporating any Google Wifi branding assets into your creatives. Can’t find the asset you’re looking for? Contact us:

Logos & Icons

Google Wifi_Logo_V1_Print
Google Wifi_Logo_V1_Web
Google Wifi_Logo_V2_Print
Google Wifi_Logo_V2_Web
Google Wifi_Logo_V3_Print
Google Wifi_Logo_V3_Web

Product Photography

Google Wifi App
Google Wifi hero

Lifestyle Imagery

Google Wifi and stairs
Google Wifi app
Google Wifi in home
Google Wifi in home office
Google Wifi in kitchen
Google Wifi in kitchen2
Google Wifi on bookshelf
Google Wifi on counter
Google Wifi on credenza

Brand Guidelines

Google Wifi Brand Style Guidelines